Some New Features Added to Google Map

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Published: 31st August 2012
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In a nutshell, online mapping is the collection and publication of websites that deliver comprehensive graphical and text information in the form of maps and databases. These services are used for a number of tasks such as planning trips, defining geographical positions, finding landmarks,businesses, obtaining addresses phone numbers, and plotting storm tracks.

In the 2000s, Google Map was still in its infancy so it was natural for it to be very slow and awkward. Over the years, Google Map has been implementing technical innovations giving their users accurate data. Following Google’s footsteps, numerous companies have launched their own mapping systems. However, there are two major names which have been competing, when it comes to creating the best online mapping system for internet users.These are Google and Apple.

Below are the mapping features of the two companies:

Apple Map features

Apple map, from the ground and up, gives users turn by turn spoken directions, interactive 3D views, and a stunning flyover feature. All these combine, this online mapping application may rank very well as the most beautiful and most powerful mapping service to-date. Apple map uses a vector-based engine that keeps text crisp, graphics clear, panning, and zooming smooth and responsive.

If you want to get more knowledge, tilt and rotate to view an area and Apple map keeps track of the names of the streets and places making it easy to understand, and users are assured that they won’t get lost.

Google Map features

Not to be outdone, Google map also has mapping innovations up its sleeves, For one,their map system couldn’t be duplicated by competitors. Further, Google guarantees the accuracy of its local data map. The company’s methods involve both top-down, ground up methodologies plus, offline mapping. Many SEO companies gripe about the trials surrounding correction of the local map data and the potential for competitor/user fraud. However, many SEO agencies complain about the difficulty when correcting local map data, pointing the possibility for fraudulent information which can be potentially propagated by competitors and some users.

Google Earth outreach Head Rebecca Moore summarized the bigger role Google Maps play when she said it can “unite people and nations toward a common good”. More than its everyday use, such as finding the nearest Italian restaurant for lunch, the mapping service has been utilized for more far-reaching and noble causes. For example, Halo Trust is using Google Earth to track landmine eradication initiatives around the world and plot areas which are now clear and safe from these explosives. Clearly, Google is now looking for ways on how their mapping technology can serve the interests of the public-at-large.

Soon, Google will be taking another step towards innovation by introducing an offline mapping application which can be downloaded by Android smartphone users which Google claims no other content provider can copy. But just like any other great technology, this offline mapping service has a weakness. Users still need to go online to download the recent map update. But all in all, it’s still a beneficial service to those who wants to access Google Maps without the need to connect to the internet.

Next on the list of Google Maps’ new features is the spruced up Street View which allows internet users to explore places online with great 360-degree visuals. You can explore landmarks, view natural wonders and check out restaurants from your Smartphone or your computer without moving an inch from where you are.

Finally, Google is also beefing up is 3D rendering technology and the web giant is out on a mission to “model the world in 3D”. Google is using planes to take images of metropolises to automatically render the area in 3D. This is a lot of investment involving tons of development hours and money, making it hard for competitors to just replicate on a whim.

At the end of the day, the new and improved mapping services offered by Google will help the visibility of businesses online and it can be expected for SEO Companies to jump into these innovations to improve their SEO services.

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